Starting a business during a crisis. Is it even worth it?

Carve out your joy with this one act of self-love

Am I crazy or are we not working a whole lot more now that we’re at home? WTH. It’s all very real and sometimes a real drag. Home and yet not feeling so homey. What’s with that? Not sure about you but naps are my thing. I LOVE my bed and all the cozy things about it.

But for a minute now, my bed and I haven’t been vibing like we use to.

Have you notice that your mind is almost constantly in a state of overdrive? You’re relentlessly tidying up, disinfecting, sanitizing, and checking in with family and friends. And if you’re still employed or have a business to run, you’re expected to keep your pace and hold everyone down.

All that, while navigating new tools, technologies, programs, and shifts in consumer behaviors so you stay ahead of the curve. Whew chile!

Everyone wants your attention; your dog, your kids, your lover, your job. So, where is all this leaving you? Burnt out and tired most likely.

Are you good? When last have you really checked? Like…really?

You’ve probably also thought, “If I stop, what’ll happen then? Everything will stop.” Anxiety hits hard just thinking about the repercussions of taking a time-out. I know it did for me.

The breaking point happened when it got to a point where I started resenting everything and everyone that wanted a piece of me. I was starting to feel like a failure and utter letdown.

Even felt judgy stares from my doggy, Nova. It was as though she was even saying, “Girl, get your shit together for goodness sakes!”

I’m here to tell you super woman, you don’t have to ask for permission to take care of yourself.

Everyone is weathering this storm best they can. In many cases, that is really all we can do. Nobody knows what tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year will bring.

Hell, we’re all hoping in 2021 things will “normalize” more. That a vaccine will “cure” us from this hamster wheel that’s ripping loved ones away from us at a horrific pace. 


Waiting until next week, next month, or next year to start putting your health and sanity first again is a fallacy. We need to get on that priority item ASAP.

I dare you to carve out two, three, or 7 days out of your routine for feel-good activities you’ll love.

Try something new or indulge in something that tickles you pink. It doesn’t matter. The only goal for this challenge is to get back to feeling really good.

It’s a relationship-building act with the sole goal of pleasuring yourself! Now…doesn’t that sound like something we need more of…? Pleasure! Pleasure! Pleasure! Get with it.

Go a few rounds with BOB (your battery-operated boyfriend), go running, swim, write, game, paint or whatever.

In whatever way you need to be of service to yourself, is up for grabs.

Go crazy and be safe!

  1. In what ways do you express love to yourself?
  2. How does it make you feel when you put your needs first?

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Much, much love,


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