Feeling like a failure? Try this exercise for a major breakthrough

By now, you get that I’m all about working out my most current issues. As a person, a woman, and an entrepreneur, we hit many brick walls – both personally and professionally.

Luckily, every now and then I find relief. Some peace or joy that transforms my life or the way I approach everyday challenges that I feel compelled to share with others, like you, facing similar roadblocks.

At any given moment, there are a million little things swirling around in my brain. Often causing me to seem frazzled, unable to concentrate, and even disrupting my precious sleep time.

By now, I’ve matured my instincts to recognize that prolonged “bad” or “too tired” feelings are a destructive pattern that can bring the progress I’m making to a complete halt.  

So, I check in with myself regularly. Going as far as having talk-outs, a one-on-one moment with myself to voice (and at times record) feelings or bursts of inspiration.

Around my office, you will often find scribbles, notes, ideas, and things to do on pieces of paper. Drawings of products I want to create or of a home I want to build. Notes often tucked away in files with labels like “Errands” or “To follow up on.” Yeah, I’m organized like that.

Lately, I’ve stumbled upon an exercise that really excites me. It activates and engages that creative part of me my brain loves so much. It also helps you discover, understand, and define what you really want and what truly matters.

A simple little exercise with the tenacity to evoke major results. All it asks is that you’re open, willing, and honest.  

You’ll need a pen and paper for this one. No computers, phones, tablets, or other digital systems. Eliminate any possible distractions around you. You don’t want to be interrupted.

This exercise works best when you take pen to paper. So, grab a sheet and let’s do this.

All you have to do is complete this sentence:

Wouldn’t it be so cool if…

Don’t overthink your response or try to find the right answer. Simply list all of the things that come to mind after the sentence. Let your hand guide your pen. Continue doing so until you’ve filled the entire sheet (both sides if you wish). It doesn’t matter if you repeat yourself.

Let your imagination run wild and free.

Repeat this exercise for 4 consecutive days. 10 to 15 minutes each day ought to be sufficient. Save what you’ve written for each day in a safe place somewhere.

On the fourth day after you’ve completed your sheet of paper, take all your papers, and look for the common themes that stand out. Things you’ve repeated multiple times perhaps.

You will probably discover that there is one or a couple of items that guide you most. You value them on a deeper level then you might or might not have imagined. And knowing this gives you direction, a goal, and an understanding of what you are working towards.

Doing this exercise shifts your thinking and language from a fear-based perspective to a more positive, optimistic, and forward-aligning direction. It’s part of the reason I started my Etsy shop, SheEXPRESSArt. 

You might suddenly realize that all the things you’ve stated for your life are completely and absolutely possible. They’re not just some fantasies or big ideas that no one has ever achieved before. Real people, just like you, have envisioned, declared, and put in the work to make their dreams a reality.

You, my friend, can undoubtedly do the same.

In some way, you’ve perhaps done this exercise already through journaling for example. However, introducing discipline and a commitment to completing the exercise for yourself is what really gets your muscles activated. And writing it down on paper really makes it stick.

Get honest with yourself, unblocked, and feel good.

  1. Have you tried this exercise? If so, what did you discover on day 4?
  2. In what ways has this been helpful to you?

So kid, you up for it? let me know in the comment section below. No spammy content or links, please.

Much, much love,


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