Hiring your first freelancer or contractor? 3 must have traits to snag a superhero.

Hiring your first employee or freelancer? 3 must have traits to snag a superhero.

When should I hire someone to help me out with my business?

What contractual setup works best? A full-time employee? A freelancer? A need-basis contractor?

This is a big one for me too. There’s a lot riding on this decision to hire help.

What do I look for? How do I ensure they will go above and beyond for my business? Or am I just being a baby and need to grind a little harder on my own?

You want your business to take off. After all, it’s your baby and you want to see it do exceptionally well. And as the saying goes, it takes a village.

But you’re already stretching yourself thin wearing so many hats and business is suffering because of it.

The potential for your business to grow and take off like you’ve never imagined is INSANE! You’re just too scared of making a misstep.

But here’s a question you might want to ask yourself: Can I really afford not to?

Mistakes suck, but they’re necessary. Truth bomb: it’s not going to get easier at all. What will start to make the difference is that YOU GET BETTER.

For your business to reach new heights you need people that support your vision. People with a level of expertise that you do not possess that actively forecast and tend to critical success factors of your business.

As a result, these superheroes lighten your workload tremendously and give you the peace of mind you need – that everything’s being taken care of.

Aside from precisely assessing what new set of skills your business requires and if it has the financial forte to support such an investment, there are a few traits that should not be overlooked before you hire.

We need people who are:

  • Honest
  • Proactive
  • Leaders

People that communicate openly and constructively are a goldmine. Whether something is or isn’t working, they will surely let you know. Not only truth tellers, but truth seekers.

The forecasters, the innovators, the decision-makers. They don’t sit on their laurels and wait to play the defensive position. They’re always monitoring and actively participating in efforts to take your business to the next level. Adept at going the extra mile.

These people know how to bring people together to where everyone feels heard. They take charge and have a magnetic ability to gain confidence and trust. They practice what they preach.

We need people with capabilities to do the things that simply must get done for which you cannot or can no longer excel at by DIY-ing it.

These 3 traits, as simple as they may seem, can be the start of a beautiful and fruitful relationship between you, your business, and your superheroes.

They cover a lot of ground for the solid foundation you need and act as staple requirements for not just your first hire, but all thereafter. 

Curious to know what you think about these fundamental traits. Please do leave a comment below.

  1. Are you thinking of hiring for your business? If so, why now?
  2. Have you already hired? If so, do you agree with these 3 traits? What have you learned are the most important aspects to look out for?

Certainly, someone somewhere will love to learn from you.

Perhaps there’s something you wish you knew waaaaaay before you embarked on your journey to hiring for your business?  

This is your femmepreneurial journey.

Much, much love,


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