How to make your new business stand out in a sea of competition

How to make your new business stand out in a sea of competition

Starting out in any business is a challenging process. With so many moving pieces it can get overwhelming, very fast. Especially, when you need to wear 90+ percent of the hats, all the time.

Best believe, it’s no different when living on a Caribbean island.

Pitches to prospective clients, compiling estimates, billing, building a healthy revenue stream, an organized administration, keeping up with tax changes, marketing, customer service, and ensuring positive traffic flow to your business.

Maybe your even tasked with leading a staff… Whatever your business setup, it’s a tense time.

And to beef things up, competition is everywhere!

So, what guidelines should you keep tightly in your clutches when navigating this critical starting phase? Check these out.

Find your tribe

You are not for everyone. You’ll be doing yourself a serious disservice by trying to appeal to everyone. Instead, focus primarily on those who would most likely rock with you. The patrons that would go to bat for you because they love, need, or want badly what you have to offer. These folks are 10x more likely to refer their family, friends, and colleagues if you leave a lasting and positive impression on them; thus, doing most of the work for you.

Develop a superb product

Nothing beats an extraordinary product. And how you make people feel is everything. From the way you positively impact the customer’s life, day, or routine with your product, to your follow up care and commitment. Be clear about what you do and assure to cover all basis. Tend to and dispel ‘blockers’ that would otherwise prevent your customer from saying “Hell yes!” to you versus a competitor. Rather than expanding what you offer to appeal to a few, focus instead on making your core business so amazeballs it echoes for itself.

Stand true to you

Don’t be like everyone else. Be you, completely and authentically. Theodore Roosevelt was quoted by saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and this couldn’t be truer. You lose track of what’s in front of you when you keep looking to your left and right. Everyone is figuring it out. Nobody has the secret recipe to navigating the waters of business. We learn by trial and error. And the best way to learn is by doing it by being yourself. Not some copy-paste version of something else.

All this, wrapped up in patience bubble wrap.

Overnight success is not a thing. And seriously, do you even want that? Easy come, easy go. Patience is precious. Most of us would crumble at overnight success. Instead, take time to invest in the most meaningful things for your unique business.

  • So, are you ready to stand out with these assets in your arsenal?
  • What actions would you take to turn things around for your starting business?

Leave a comment below and spread some love.

Stay beautiful darling.

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